Year 2248 Lost-and-Found Log is a file in Dino Crisis 3.


"Year 2248 Lost-and-Found Log" can be downloaded from the first save point in Front Deck/Starboard. If it is not downloaded here, later save terminals will offer it.


<Report filed on Aug 23>

  • Lost Item: Data Storage Media
  • Report filed by: Mark Hillman
  • Last seen at: Deck Sector

Operations Room/Starboard

Status: Found at Operations Room/Portside and returned to owner

<Report filed on Sept 13>

  • Lost Item: Security Pass Lv 1
  • Report filed by: Koh Westin
  • Last seen at: Deck Sector

Hanger Deck

Status: Found by maintenance staff at Hanger Deck (Upper Level)

<Report filed on Sept 13>

  • Lost Item: Power Conversion Chip
  • Report filed by: Gary Roper
  • Last seen at: Shaft Sector

Panel Room

Status: Lost/Power to be supplied from alternative facility until unit is replaced

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.




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