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Water Cir. Sys. Control Rm
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Items:Preventative Maintenance (Note)
Map:Third Energy Facility
Links:Elevator Shaft/Inside
Underwater/Transport Passageway ①

The Water Cir. Sys. Control Rm, known as the "Lake Circulation System Control Room" (湖水循環システム管理室 Kosui junkan shisutemu kanri-shitsu?) in the original script, is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


The control terminal is used to operate the aqueduct shutter inside the Cooling Aqueduct passage.


A "Preventative Maintenace" note can be found in this room.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Control terminal for the aqueduct shutters CHECK

It's a control terminal for operating the aqueduct shutters which lead to the 3rd Energy Generator. Will you operate it? Yes/No

To operate the control panel you need the shutter control plug.

(Note: If you don't have the plug)

The sign to the closed door CHECK

There is a sign which prohibits entry.

"Temporary the area is closed due to the maintenance check of the 3rd Energy Reactor"

Control terminal for the aqueduct shutters (After the plug is placed) CHECK "Machine cooling aqueducts" The shutter are open.


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