The Waste Disposal Chamber (廃棄物処理室 Haikibutsushori-shitsu?) is an area in the Missile Silo, and the first part of the facility that Regina reaches after traversing through the deadly poison zone.


The Waste Disposal Chamber is a back room for the silo where waste materials are stored and disposed of. The machinery can reach such a high pressure that metallic items can also be destroyed. The lever to activate the chamber's power supply is sealed tight. As there is no power plant capable of supporting the entire human-occupied region, this chamber has fallen into disuse and the shutter where waste materials are initially delivered through is down as well. The chamber is instead being used by the facility staff to store spare equipment and logbooks.


A save terminal can be found ahead. Not much else can be done here, so heading straight to the next door will lead Regina into the Launch Site.


Location Localization Original script
Power Supply on the left side It's the power supply device for the waste disposal system. It's securely sealed. It's impossible to operate.
High-voltage system It's an oversized high-voltage waste disposal system. It is capable of disposing metallic items completely.
To Regina's immediate right after walking in from the deadly poisonous zone 廃棄物処理装置の電源装置だ
To Regina's immediate left after walking in from the deadly poisonous zone 大型の高圧式廃棄物処理装置だ
The table near the Save machine Diaries and other things of the research staff are scattered everywhere. この処理室に詰めていたスタッフの日誌や備品が散らかっている
Computer on the other side of the Save machine from the table It's a control terminal for the waste disposal system. There was probably nothing to dispose of in this world. 廃棄物処理装置を制御する端末だ
The shutter next to the door to the launch site It's a shutter for bringing in the large waste. 大廃棄物を搬入するためのシャッターだ