Vital Credit is the in-game currency for Dino Crisis 2, earned through a points system by defeating enemies.

Currency informationEdit

Extinction PointsEdit

Extinction Points (EXP) are the main source of Vital Credit, and are awarded per kill.


A Combo (コンボ Conbo?) is a bonus accompanied by the Extinction Pointscore; it is earned by killing multiple enemies within a set time-limit of each other. The first combo is 20% the size of the initial kill, with the second combo being at 40%

Each subsequent kill earns the player a further bonus alongside the usual point score for defeating an enemy.


A COUNTER is a further bonus awarded to the player if they kill an enemy while it attacks. As an example of a COUNTER, killing a Velociraptor while it jumps at the player -but before it lands a hit- grants a COUNTER award.


NO DAMAGE is a further bonus awarded to the player should they proceed through an entire loaded area ("room") without being injured at any point; it is not awarded if the player doesn't kill any enemies.. The amount of VC awarded in this bonus depends on what kind of enemy was encountered in this room and how many were met (for example, a room where ten Velociraptors were seen would give a different NO DAMAGE bonus to one where five Oviraptors were seen).

Combo increasesEdit

Points earned from killing enemies raises when the player has the EPS Silver Card (20,000 VC) and EPS Gold Card (40,000 VC). The Gold Card doubles any credits that have been earned, allowing further credits to increase significantly more.

Points chartEdit

Creature Extinction Points (+bonus)
Allosaurus[notes 1] 5000 EXP +1000 N/A +800 +5000
Giganotosaurus[notes 2] 15000 EXP N/A N/A +1000 +15000
Inonstancevia 600 EXP +120 +240 +400 +6000 (5-9)
+12000 (10+)
Oviraptor 100 EXP +20 +40 +30 +2000 (5-9)
+6000 (10+)
Pteranodon 200 EXP +40 +80 +50 +3000 (5-9)
+7000 (10+)
Triceratops[notes 3] 5000 EXP +1000 +2000 +150 N/A
Tyrannosaurus[notes 4] 1000 EXP +200 +400 +500 N/A
Ultra Raptor 7000 EXP +50 N/A
Velociraptor 100 EXP +20VC +40VC +30VC +5000
  1. The most Allosaurs seen in a single room is 2
  2. Only one is encountered
  3. The jeep chase offers no NO DAMAGE bonus
  4. It is not considered possible to go through the tank chase without damage

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