Underwater/Transport Passageway ② is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


Unlike the previous passageway, this area has an elevator, that leads to the upper platform of the passageway. A dead body can be found there.


Upon entry, the elevator is inoperable. Its control panel is located at the upper level of the passageway, where it can be found after exploring Cooling Water Circulation Chamber. There is a Plug here, which is used to open the shutter Inside Cooling Aqueduct room later in the game. Mosasaurus serves as the enemy for this area.


Ground Platform
Location Action Localization Original Script
Control terminal for the water circulation It's a control terminal for the water circulation near the 3rd Energy Reactor. It seems to be working normally. There is no need to operate it.
Elevator shaft It's a small elevator used for construction. To operate it you need to resume power.
Upper platform
Location Localization Original Script
Power terminal for the elevator

It's a power terminal for the small elevator used for construction. Will you turn the power on for the elevator? Yes/No

Power to the elevator has resumed. There is no need to opeate it anymore.

(Upon the power is resumed)

Terminal where the data are stored It's a terminal which periodically records data for water temperature, water quality, and other useful data.
Dead corpse On his diving suit moss has found their home.
Scattered equipment near the corpse They are tools used in underwater applications. Somebody was probably checking the wear and tear of the parts.



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