Further notes

The Tyrannosaurus serves as a playable character in the Dino Crisis 2 Extra Crisis minigame "Dino Colosseum". In this mode, it is large and moves very slow even while running. This version is also missing its eye. Player 2 gets a black T. rex in Dino Duel mode if they select it. However, the player 2 T. rex has both eyes intact.

The Tyrannosaurus cannot be killed in either of the games by conventional means, and serves as a boss character in certain, if not most parts on all 4 games. The T. rex can devour the player whole with ease, should the player not defend themselves. Although most weapons won't make the dinosaur flinch, some strong firearms such as the Missile Pod or Anti-Tank Rifle, which can be bought later in the game, may deter the T. rex, if only for a short time.

In the Edward City level, players would take control of a mini tank while escaping from the T. rex. Although the T. rex can be brought down using the tank's cannon, it'll get back up again and chase after the player.

Near the game's climax fight, the Tyrannosaurus is replaced by a Giganotosaurus as the new "stalker".



Attack Damage Description
Biting (かみつき) 220 (250 if falling)
Mow down (なぎ払い) 200 (250 if falling)
Elevated mow down (高所なぎ払い) 250 (300 if falling)
Roar (咆吼) 0



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