Trinity was a white Troodon created by the Mother Computer as acting leader of the dinosaurs prior to the completion of Noah's Ark Plan. Its was first mentioned by Paula.


After the dinosaurs were transferred to the future the Mother Computer decided that a dinosaur leader is needed. By using the DNA of a Troodon the Mother Computer succeeded in creating the perfect dinosaur named Trinity.

Trinity's mission was to eliminate anyone that stands in its way and preserve the lives of the dinosaurs. However Trinity became self-aware of the humans being a threat to the dinosaurs, so it rebelled against the humans by leading an attack on them, killing nearly everyone that participated in the Noah's Ark Plan.

Colonel Dylan Morton was able to save several injured children, including his daughter Paula and sealed them within the Noah's Ark Facility.

Trinity is later encountered by Lt. Mike Wired while it was in pursuit of Paula, it ordered several Velociraptors to attack, however the conflict drew the attention of the Carnotaurus, it was forced to retreat. Trinity appeared again in the city area, ordering the dinosaurs to attack Mike and Paula.

Right before Mike met the hologram of Dylan Morton, Trinity as well as several Velociraptors attacked him. Despite the fierce battle, Trinity was defeated in the end. It took two steps forward towards Mike despite it's injuries, signifying its will to fight, then it let loose a dying roar before its death.

Gameplay Edit

Trinity serves as the boss of chapter 6, which is the shortest chapter in the game. Its attack power and agility surpasses any other raptors in the game. Using machine guns is a must in this battle since Trinity will jump attack the player. Trinity is capable of summoning lesser raptors to its aid, and can also spray acid like the Oviraptor.

It is recommended to defeat Trinity by using the main infinite weapon and spare your ammo for the final boss.

Leadership Skills & IntelligenceEdit

Trinity might have had leadership skills despite not being a Velociraptor. It is disputable whether the Velociraptors felt kinship towards Trinity. It seemed that it called back the Velociraptors from the area to evade the Carnotaurus threat. This could possibly indicate that Trinity has significant intelligence and could judge situations to avoid conflict.

Further notesEdit

  • Trinity is a fictional dinosaur. Troodon did not have horns and like Velociraptor, Troodon had a foot claw which Trinity does not have.
  • It only appears in Dino Stalker.


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