Triceratops (トリケラトプス Torikeratopusu?) is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.



Three Horned Face


8.5 meters


3.0 meters

Observation Record
They are herbivores and they can be found in the outskirts of the city in the fields. They protect the herd's eggs in herds. They are social dinosaurs.

They are very gentle in nature and they will not become vicious unless forced to. Such as stepping on their eggs

A half year ago their attack on the city was unstoppable. A section of the city was completely destroyed. They seem to remember who harmed them. Ever since then, some of our soldiers had to pay their lives for it.

Combat Notes
If you dare fight them you have already lost the fight. An angry Triceratops is unstoppable. The only thing that will stop it is an even more angry Triceratops.

All we can do against them is to use heavy firearms and aim for their nose and get as far away as possible. Since they have priority for their social lives, they will not come after you if you leave their territory. All you can do is run.

意味: "3本のツノを持つ顔"

体長: 8.5 m

体高: 3.0 m

群れの卵を群れで守る、 社会性のある恐竜だ。
兵士が誤って彼らの卵をつぶしてしまうまでは、 とてもおとなしく友好的な存在だった。

半年前、 あの時のトリケラトプスの攻撃は完全に対処不可能だった。
シティの一角は、 完全に崩壊した。
そしてどうやら奴らは、 一度危害を加えてきた種族を、 決して忘れない。
あれ以来、 何度か部隊が襲撃を受け、 壊滅している。


彼らを相手に、 戦意を抱いた時点で、 すでにそれは敗北を意味する。
怒り狂ったトリケラトプスを止めることができるのは、 それ以上に怒り狂ったトリケラトプスのみだ。

せいぜい我々に可能なのは、 追 いすがる彼らの鼻先を重火器で叩き距離を稼ぐ程度だ。
彼らは社会生活 を基本にしているため、 テリトリーを超えて深追いはしてこない。
命ある限り、 逃げるしかない。


Meaning: "Face with three horns"

Height: 8.5m

Length: 3.0m

"Observation record"
A herbivorous dinosaur that lives near the clumps of the grassland area of the city's outskirts.
They protect the herd's eggs in groups, but are a social dinosaur.
Until their eggs were crushed accidentally by soldiers, they were very quite and amicable.

Six months ago, the Triceratops' attack was impossible to fully-address.
One corner of the city was completely destroyed.
They do not forget; it seems at one time the tribe was harmed.
Since then, troops have come under attack several times; it has been devastating.


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