Triceratops is a dinosaur encountered in Dino Crisis 2 and Dino Stalker. It is the only herbivore presented in the games.


The Noah's Ark Plan captured a number of Triceratops to be teleported to the future. This was to halt a temporal catastrophe that would bring jeopardy to the timeline of both dinosaurs and mankind. Apparently, a herd of Triceratops lived near Edward City, and subsequently rampaged throughout it, causing great damage.

Physical DescriptionEdit

As a quadruped dinosaur, Triceratops can grow up to 29 ft in length, with a large head armed with three horns and a massive frill, giving this dinosaur more than enough power to battle large predatory dinosaurs. An adult Triceratops can weigh up to 9 tons. The Triceratops will use its horns as a means of fending off any predators, as well as engaging with its challenger during mating season. Despite the Triceratops' short and bulky legs, it can actually run pretty fast, as seen in Dino Crisis 2. Triceratops was a herbivore that lived in the Cretaceous Period around 70-65 million years ago, roughly at the same time as Tyrannosaurus.


Dino Crisis 2Edit


Triceratops from Dino Crisis 2.

The Triceratops is featured in one of the games "On-rail" shooter parts, where Dylan and Regina have to escape a parental team of angry Triceratops that wrongfully thought that the two killed their young. They used a jeep with a mounted rifle on the back in order to fend the enraged parents off.

Before this level, it used as a background dinosaur with a pair traveling through a field when you play as Regina. It is most possibly that this pair of Triceratops were heading towards Edward City.

Dino Crisis 2: Extra CrisisEdit

The Triceratops, along with the Compsognathus, are secret playable dinosaurs that can only be unlocked by clearing the main game on Hard difficulty. In Extra Crisis, Triceratops boosts both speed and power, is also the only playable dinosaur that is a herbivore, and is the only playable dinosaur to have a plant in its inventory used for healing. In Dino Duel, the colors for player 2 are the same as the gray Triceratops that accompanies the other one in the on rail-shooting sequence of the game.

Dino StalkerEdit

A gray Triceratops is also encountered, albeit briefly, in an abandoned city in Dino Stalker. This Triceratops doesn't directly attack the player, instead it knocks and throws barrels at them. No weapon is capable of injuring it, however, this is not necessary, as the grey Triceratops will soon seize charging when it tries to chase after the player's car through a burning part of the street.



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