The Third Energy is a system that creates an energy source with various potentials and outcomes. Generations of research and experimentation furthered its capabilities and use. The series mainly revolves around the Third Energy and its incidents.



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At the turn of the 21st century, fossil fuels have been drained to such an extent that Nuclear Power - "Second Energy" - has become a necessity. Due to the hazardous nature of its accidents, research begins on a hypothetical third generation of reactor which releases no hazardous waste products, nor could be exhaustible - this is dubbed "Third Energy".[1]

The Third Energy Theory was developed by Doctor Edward Kirk which began research for the alternate clean energy source. However, in 2006 the doctor lost his funding and faked his death using an accident during an experiment. He continued his project on an isolated island in secret collaboration with the Borginian Republic military in exchange to weaponize the system. The generator that was built was much better, capable of producing and stabilizing much more tremendous energy levels. After 3 years, the research team were finally ready to conduct their experiment. However, the result of initiating such high energy levels had emerged an unexpected potential of the system - manipulation of space and time. This transferred prehistoric creatures to the present, overrunning the facility and killing nearly all unprepared personnel. The generator was later set to overload, engulfing everything within its radius to a massive geographical time-shift - banishing it from the present.

In 2010, the US Government took over research using the Data Disc acquired by S.O.R.T. from Ibis Island in the previous year. Further research continued somewhere in the mid-west, giving birth to some of the first time-travel devices; although were not absolute. And with funding well in excess of what Borginia could offer, a new reactor was operational in a third the time taken. However, in the pursuit of immediate results, an overload occurred, and the entire research base, military institution, and nearby Edward City were transferred 3 millions of years forward in time, replacing the area with a jungle from that time to the present. By recreating the conditions of the experiment, the rescue team TRAT were able to be sent to the approximate time they disappeared to; although arrived considerably late and were unable to save the remaining survivors. However the 3rd Energy Disc with development data was returned to the present.

In 2055, when Third Energy was more perfected, a mission was carried out to fix a discovered time-alteration apocalypse caused by the first overload in 2009. This plan was to carry the living organisms of the Cretaceous Era into a time with similar environments where they could be unaffected by the alterations, averting any anomalies that would prevent the preludes to human evolution. This was far into the future - 3 million years ahead.[2] This is the same future that 2010 incident were transferred to, arriving after the travelers from 2055 were all killed (save a few children who were kept in life support chambers) due to an accident that disabled their Time Gate, keeping them from returning to their time.

Functions - The Various Potentials of the Third EnergyEdit

The Third Energy is a system that initiates a reaction from the particles of the atmosphere and transfers that motion into energy. It takes in the Earth's atmospheric gases (specifically O2, CO2 and N), and starts up a reaction which leads to Ionization of the constitution of the air, extracting the resultant electron movement as the release of energy in a chain-reaction. The by-product of Third Energy is the reintroduction of Peroxide compounds into the atmosphere - specifically Ozone.[3][4]

The results of the system depend on how much energy is produced, contrasted with how well it can be controlled.

  1. At low energy with fair stabilization, it can produce infinite energy from the air. Creating the perfect alternate clean energy source.
  2. At high energy with high stabilization, it will serve as the ultimate weapon, potentially mass-destructive.
  3. At extraordinary power levels, it will result in space and time manipulation.
    1. If poorly stabilized, the time wrap will result in unpredictable point in time "exchange" in selective space.
    2. If properly stabilized, it may grant safe travel between time. This is a considerably high advancement.

Overload PhenomenonEdit

If stabilization ultimately fails, it becomes beyond control and evokes an “overload.” There are two stages of this occurrence, each determined by how much energy is produced before maintenance failure.

At high energy, the huge amount of energy creates chain reactions that begin to disintegrate the surrounding air. The ensuing explosion will then vaporize everything within its radial capacity. The weaponized version of the Third Energy works by being able to control this outcome.[5]

At more substantial energy levels, this phenomenon will advance to affect space-time. If an overload is caused at this point, a massive geographical time shift will occur. The consuming explosion will transfer the affected radius into a different point in time.

Third Energy Travel – Same Space, Different TimeEdit

The extraordinary high energy levels advance the system into its space-time altering potential. This time warp functions by transferring a pocket in space to that of a different time; forward or back. At an uncontrollable higher magnitude, a massive "overload" can occur. This causes a time disruption that would ensue the area where the "accident" occurred to swap places with the same geographical location from a different time, and vice versa, bringing the contents of what would be in the location in the other time back to the present time of the "accident".

The experiment on Ibis Island, for example, exchanged select pockets in space. Pulling contents that occupied that same space during a different time into the present; with creatures that were on the island millions of years ago. The 2010 incident however resulted in an overload, and shifted its entire radius rather than pockets; exchanging it with a jungle that shared that same radial space in a different time. What is transferred is not random, but according to specific occupation of space.

This however, is the Third Energy acting on its own. If perfected, it may grant safe travel between time and may even select when. Such an advancement requires a high level of research and technology, and takes years to construct.



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