The H-IIIA Android, known as H-IIIA model android overview (H-IIIA型アンドロイド概要 H - IIIA-gata andoroido gaiyō?) in the Japanese script, is a file in Dino Crisis 3.


The file can be found when exploring the MTHR Sector, starting from the Central Monitor Room.


The H-IIIA Android is a multi-function android developed onboard the Ozymandias under the supervision of Dr. Velasquez.

Based on the technology pioneered by Dr. Morton in the year 2050, the H-IIIA resembles humans in terms of physical appearance and bodily functions.

Its highly advanced neuro-AI has made the android an ideal candidate for personnel support and is currently assisting the Science Division in several key projects. Dr. Velasquez believes that a further enhancement of the AI will allow the android to actually express emotion.

The H-IIIA is expected play a major role in the colonization of α2.

現在稼動中のH-III A型アンドロイドは2050年ごろにモートン博士が開発した多機能型アンドロイドを基にベラスケス博士がオズマンディアス内で完成させもした。
H-III A型の肉体構造は人間に似せて作られています。



The purpose of this file is to better explain the character of Caren Velasquez, who is revealed midway through the game to be an android. The file also provides a link to Dino Crisis 2 by referencing Dr. Jack Morton, who is presumably related to Dylan Morton.



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