The Energy Core is a file in Dino Crisis 3.



The Ozymandias is equipped with a Third Energy Reactor System. Developed in 2048, the system was created to exploit Third Energy, the ultimate clean energy discovered by Dr. Edward Kirk.

The system itself consists of an Energy Core and two sub-reactor power generators.

The energy is generated by the two sub-reactors and filtered through the Energy Core for distribution throughout the vessel.

As the Energy Core generates a significant volume of energy during distribution, it is standard procedure to alternate operation between the sub-reactors and the Core.

In short, failure to take the sub-reactors off-line prior to running the core -- and vice versa -- could create an energy overload that is well beyond the harnessing capabilities of the ship.

As a safety measure, a shutter prevents access to the Energy Core during the operation of the two sub-reactors.

Jack Morton
Third Energy Reactor System Achitect

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