The Backyard is an area on Facility 1F. It is known as Facility backyard (施設裏庭 Shisetsu uraniwa?) in the Japanese version. It is the starting location for Dino Crisis.


It is a part of the outer compound of the facility, which leads into several different area; the backup generator passage, large elevator passage and the backyard of the facility. Fences is built around the backyard, with notices on it.

There is a large machine in this area, but it does not have any description.


After the arriving Regina automatically enters the Backyard of the Facility after a short mission briefing with Gail and Rick. The gate to the Passageway to the Backup Generator will require the BG Area Key to enter.

If the player had encountered the Velociraptor at the Passageway of the Backup Generator and did not kill it yet, the Velociraptor will jump over the fence and into the Backyard.

Had player choose to follow Rick's idea instead of Gail's idea inside Control Room 1F, player must return to this backyard. As player enter, Rick can be seen on the outer passage to the large elevator.


Location Localization Original Script
The gate to the Large Size Elevator Passageway It is locked.
Notice on the fences Restricted Area Ahead: Backup Generator Area
Notice on the gate Large Size Freight Elevator Area

Watch your step

The gate to the Backup Generator Area You need the BG Area Key to open this door.


Intro Cutscene
In Game

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