Support File is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


This file contains a few pointers which may help you in the beginning of your mission especially when you become lost or stuck.
TRAT Headquarters

Extinction Points
When you kill your enemy you will earn points called "Extinction Points". On this mission you will buy ammo, weapons, health recoveries, and other items using these "Extinction Points". It is important and successful mission that Extinction Points be earned efficiently. However, Extinction Points won't do you any good unless you use them. We recommend equipping yourselves with the most powerful weapon whenever possible.

When you kill an enemy, points earned will be displayed on the screen. If you succeed in killing additional enemies while the points are being displayed your credit increase rate will go up. This is called combo. This is an important technique you should learn to use.

Combat Technique
By pressing the R1 button you can move about in a firing stance. You can even change from target to target by pressing the L1 button while holding down the R1 button.

The following items will be shared by everyone on the team. Health recovery items. key items, Extinction Points, Main and Sub Weapons with an exception of a few. During your mission, you may come across instances where you cannot carry any more health recovery items. In these situations you should use the unnecessary recovery items which will make space, allowing you to carry another item.


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