Superintendent's Room is an area of the Habitat Support Facility.


Many computers and fiber glasses are stored here.


When Dylan enters, he can find Noah's Ark Plan, Med Pak L and Resusc Pak. A save terminal also can be located on the wall to the right before reaching the door towards the Large Laboratory Hall.


Location Localization Original Script
Computer to the right Many computer are installed for data analysis of experiments.
Equipment on the right side On the other side of the glass are many equipments and instruments partly built.
Displayed Screen Displayed on the screen in the center of the desk, is some kind of engineering drawing. The engineering drawing looks like it's for a "Timegate" but it not the same as the one Dylan and Regina are familiar with.
View from the glass On the other side of the glass are many instruments never seen before. A circular shaped instrument is installed in the center of the other instruments.