Sub Level/Elevator is an area of the Third Energy Facility.


This the Sub Level/ Elevator use to get toward the Sub-Level of 3rd Energy Facility.


A Mechanic's note can be found here. There is a Diving Suit available for Regina which is used in the sub-level later. There is an electronic puzzle which requires Regina to sort it out. The idea is to sort out the red lights and turn it to green lights with the help of the stungun until the elevator can fully operate. The light will turn blue to indicated that the elevator is operational. Once done, the Diving suit is needed put on.


Location Localization Original Script
Oversized shutter It's an oversized shutter for the transportation of materials. It's not operational due to the rusted condition.
Terminal control This terminal controls the power to all the machines in this room. The power has been shut to the elevator and to the diving suit enclosure. Displayed on the screen is the program to restart the power. Will you restart the power? Yes/No
Control panel for the elevator This is the control panel which operates the oversized elevator. You need to resume power to operate it.
Terminal that store the diving suit It's terminal which stores the logs of the diving suit usage. There is no power.
Observing the diving suit There is a diving suit inside. You need to resume power to take out the suit.
Terminal control (After shorting the power) The terminal controls the power this to room.There is no need to operate it anymore.
Control panel for the elevator (After the power is restored)

This is the control panel which operates the oversized elevator. You need to wear the diving suit in order to go down underwater.

(After wearing the suit)

Regina wore the diving suit to go down to the underwater facility.

Terminal that store the diving suit (After the power is restored) It has been more than a year since the diving suits were last used.



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