Storage Sector Duties is a file in Dino Crisis 3.



1)The primary function of the Storage Sector is to allow the rearrangement of the five Storage Modules in order to facilitate extra-vehicular operations. The modules are controlled by two formation-change terminals located in the Rotary Joint.

2)The respective terminals operate Turbines A and B. Each turbine manages the following modules:

Turbine A
- Starboard Storage Modules x2
- Central Storage Module

Turbine B
- Portside Storage Modules x2
- Central Storage Module

NOTE: Each turbine is triggered with a Turbine Activation Unit which must be replaced approximately every 8 years.

3)The Storage Sector is also a key component for connecting the Deck and Shaft sectors. Aside from emergency situations, Storage Module A should always be positioned in the upper portside position of the Storage Sector.