The Secret Operation Raid Team (S.O.R.T.) is a U.S. Army espionage and assault team under direct control of a governmental intelligence agency.

Ibis Island AssaultEdit

The S.O.R.T. team dispatched a spy (Tom) to Ibis Island research center to monitor the research being conducted by the unknown organization stationed at the Island. He quickly discovers that a scientist who was thought to be dead was the lead researcher on the Island's base. He also discovered that the research being conducted was on something called Third Energy. The government, who where looking for a new clean cheap energy for the over populated world became immediately interested in the project. Fearing that Dr. Edward Kirk had faked his death to do independent research for his own gain, the government dispatched the S.O.R.T. team to capture him and gain vital information on the Third Energy project.

Known membersEdit


Regina, a female member of S.O.R.T.

  • Cooper - The team's radioman and communication's expert; he is killed by a Tyrannosaurus at the beginning of the mission.
  • Gail - the team's leader. He took his orders from the highest office and had an objective other than capturing Dr. Kirk.
  • Regina - the team's weapons specialist
  • Rick - the team's computer specialist.
  • Tom - an agent sent to the island as a researcher to spy on suspected weapons research.
  • Unnamed - the pilot of the team's transport helicopter. He is killed during a failed rescue attempt.
  • Mickey - the author of an expenses report for SORT.
  • Erik - an agent reporting the progress of the "QED" project.

Trivia Edit

  • Although S.O.R.T. is a specialized unit of the U.S. Army, its vehicles and equipment are mainly derived from the Canadian Armed Forces, such as its use of a Huey helicopter, the main helicopter used by the Canadian Armed Forces. Canadian forces also train on Huey parachuting, while the American counterparts train mostly with Chinook parachuting but prefer planes for tactical infiltration. All the weapons used by the team (excluding the G3 and the Glock) are all weapons used by the Canadian military and not the US.
  • Most special forces teams used synchronized weapons, or at least the same assault rifle. Everyone on this team uses different weapons.

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