Captain Satoko Evans was the commanding officer of the Ozymandias.[citation needed]

History Edit

Captain Evans, along with other crew, was on the Ozymandias when the spaceship left planet Earth on February 25, year 2248. The Ozymandias was to search and colonize a planet called "a2", due to a recent study which claimed that "a2" is a habitable planet for the human race to thrive on.

However, their journey turned into a disaster when a cosmic radiation struck the spaceship, causing crew that worked on the port-side facilities to suffer radiation illness, such as throbbing head. As the medical staffs informed Captain Evans of the situation, the captain herself had become pessimistic of the survival of the ship, along with their mission. Her pessimist view turn to be real when more and more staff and crew were exposed to the radiation, with half of them died.

Captain Evans personally announced the very situation they are facing, although none of the crew went into panic and anarchy. She decided to have all surviving crew to preserve their DNA samples in the preservation sector and programmed the MTHR (which was modeled after her) to create a new breed of mankind to colonize planet "a2".

Captain Evans is presumably died along with the last of the ship's crew before the S.O.A.R comes into the abandoned Ozymandias.



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