Researchers Records is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


The file can be found within the Research Facility.


The recovery of the Timegate seems impossible with the limited instruments we have in this world. Today was supposed to have been the last hopeful experiment. However, the lack of instruments have stopped us from conducting the experiment.

One week ago, the Transport team lead by Lieutenant Wolf was supposed to bring us the instruments for the experiment. They never arrived. Something must have happened in the Military Facility. We still haven't been able to establish communication with them.

If we still intend to pursue with the experiment we need to go to the Missile Silo on the other side of the suspension bridge. But the bridge was destroyed in a recent combat. The only other way to the other side is through the deadly poison zone.

Unfortunately it is too dangerous to even go near that area.


タイムゲートの復活は、 やはりこの世界にある機材では不可能なのではないだろうか。

今日、 我々の最後の望みをかけたシミュレーション実験が行われるはずだった。
しかし、 機材の不足で、 それは結局果たせなかった。

1週間前、軍事施設から実験用に機材が届くはずだったのが、 ウルフ尉の率いる運搬隊は来なかった。

どうやら軍事施設の方で、 何かあったようだ。

実験を続けようと思うのならば、 吊り橋の向こう側のミサイル発射場の機材を使用するしかない。
しかし、 先日の戦闘で橋は落ちてしまっている。
もう1つのルートは猛毒性のガスが充満していて、 近づくことすらできない……。



A localization error exists in this file. Wolf's rank is not actually given in the original script. The Kanji, "" signifies him as an officer, but could just as easily make him an Army Captain.


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