The Researcher Rest Room is an area on Facility B2.


It is a room where the researcher for the facility rests. The room contains a row of lockers with few boxes on top of it. Most of the personal belongings and experiment instruments are placed on a large shelf. There are also plenty of bed sections that are equipped with a low temperature retaining system.


Upon entering this room for the first time, Regina will meet up with Gail. A plug can be found inside the personal shelf. A researcher journal can be found and read inside this room.


Location Localization Original Script
The lockers The personal belongings of the researchers. Nothing useful.
The monitor on the wall A Key Card Lv. A is required to operate this device.
The shelf Magazines line the shelf. They must belong to the researchers.
The Journal It looks like a researcher's journal. Will you read it? Yes/No
The white coat White coats for the researchers. They've been worn out.
The bed A bed equipped with a low temperature retaining system. You can use it to refresh yourself with a brief nap.
Notice on the wall A notice is posted. "Be sure to make the bed after using it."
The personal shelf The personal belongings of the researchers and the broken instruments used in the experiment.