The Research Lounge is one of the area in Research Facility.


There are few cages inside a small room. Most of the computers here are malfunction, while the Ivy have pretty much done damaged to everything. Three via shaft on the wall facing towards the Research Facility/Passage and Power Source Room, it can be closed.


A Med Pak S can be located just not far from the cages. If Dylan is chasing the Compsognathus here to get the Research Facility Keycard, it must be lurk towards the cage. If the Compsognathus is hiding inside the ivy or desk, it can be lure out by using Dylan Machete to avoid wasting ammo. Keep in mind that the three via small shaft on the walls that must be closed to prevent it from escaping.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Ventilation hole CHECK It's a terminal to open and close the ventilation hole. Will you operate the terminal? Yes/No.
Table CHECK On the table are a few specimens and a microscope.
Bed CHECK There is a bottle of medicine on the bed. The inside cannot be seen with all the dust covering it.
Cabinet CHECK It's a medicine cabinet. The inside has been messed with and there is nothing which appears to be usable.
Ivy on the corner CHECK The jungle vegetation has intruded inside by forcing themselves through the wall.
Bed at the centre CHECK It is a holding bed
First cage CHECK The captured dinosaur is inside
Second and third cage. CHECK A small dead dinosaur is inside all dried up. The cage is locked. You cannot open it.
Terminal at the corner CHECK It's a terminal used by the doctor. It won't power. There is no way to know what kind of data is stored here.
Dinosaur nest CHECK A dinosaur has built a nest here. Better not to disturb it.
Door toward the Research Facility/Power source room CHECK The ivy is wrapped around the door. You may be able to cut it with Dylan's machete.




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