A research facility dedicated to the theory of Third Energy was located on Ibis Island. The facility was built in or after 2006 by the Borginian Republic, who had arranged for Edward Kirk, a leading energy researcher who had recently lost funding for his Third Energy project, to come to the facility and develop it into a working energy source for them.


The research facility's purpose was to facilitate the development of the Third Energy theory. As such, it was equipped with several laboratories, administrative offices, lecture halls, storage and cargo transportation facilities, and computer simulation rooms for the researchers working on the project. Most of the main floors were equipped with their own backup generators, with a main generator operating on the lowest level and a generator designed specifically to power the facility's large size elevator, used for cargo transportation. The experimental Third Energy generator was built on the second underground floor, with most of the underground serving to support, protect, develop, and control the generator.

The facility also served as a military outpost. Equipped with heavy security on every floor, the facility used many independent systems to control access to areas, restrict use of equipment, and protect the research staff and materials. Many areas required certain keycards to open, were placed behind laser shutters, or were protected by the facility's DDK lock system, and even accessing many of the floors, particularly those dealing with the experimental generator, was impossible without high level security clearance.


Behind the scenesEdit

The Ibis Island research facility appeared in the first Dino Crisis as the game's main setting. The facility serves as the central location for the mission, and the game primarily involves exploring it and discovering what happened while searching for Dr. Kirk while navigating both the facility's security systems and the hostile dinosaurs.


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