The Research Facility/Entrance is an area of Research Facility featured in Dino Crisis 2. In the Japanese version its name is Facility-Entrance (施設・エントランス Shisetsu-entoransu?).[1]


It is the entrance foyer for the facility and is built with two floors. The rear facade is rounded and has large plate windows letting in a generous amount of natural light. A ripped flag with the Third Energy project symbol hangs from the ceiling.

A main entrance is situated directly opposite the escalator connecting the first floor to the second floor overlook, although it has been completely overrun with vegetation and has effectively split the room into a U shape. The escalator appears to have broken down, rendering any exploration into the building's higher floors impossible.

On the left hand side of the room a door leads into the facility yard, while a pair of sliding doors on the opposing side serve as an entrance to the complex's laboratories. A card reader next to the door bars access to anybody lacking the appropriate clearance.

Directly across from the side entrance is the corpse of a Velociraptor, which was killed by a swarm of Compsognathus.


This is the room where you first encounter Oviraptors. They replace the Raptors in the Research Facility. The door leads to the Research Facility/Passage which requires the Research Facility Keycard.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Dead dinosaur CHECK On the dead body, there are bite marks everywhere. It must have been attacked by a whole army of them.
Main entrance of the Research Facility CHECK This used to be the open area of the main entrance of this facility. But now it is being swallowed by the jungle vegetation.
Research Facility/Passage door CHECK It's electronically locked.
Research Facility/Passage panel on the right-hand side CHECK The electronic lock is activated. To unlock it you need the Research Facility Key Card.




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