Research Facility/Back is part of the Research Facility complex. In the original Japanese its name is Facility-Backyard (施設・裏庭 Shisetsu-Uraniwa?).[1]


The entire Research Facility is overrun by overgrown plants. There is a rope bridge that leads to the Missile Silo, however it is broken an can't be used to get across. A Control Shack can be found here. 


There's a Med Pak M located at the bridge. This area is where the Helmet People appear before one of them was caught by Regina and was brought to the Control Shack. The Research Facility/Entrance can only be accessed by Dylan since he has a machete to cut the ivy that wrapped around the door.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Gas energy tank CHECK It's a gas energy tank of some soft. It is already empty.
Ventilation system CHECK It's an oversized ventilation system. A dinosaur probably the size of a T-Rex must have smashed it.
Door to the Research facility CHECK The ivy is wrapped around the door. You may be able to cut it with Dylan's machete.
Main gate CHECK

You can see the main gate. The sign reads:

"3rd Energy Research Facility"

The jungle is too thick to get across to the other side.

Bridge CHECK There is a jungle on the other side of the bridge. Behind the jungle there is a Missile Silo.




  1. Official Guide Book, p.100.

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