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Height:523 centimetres (17 ft 2 in)[1]
Length:1,980 centimetres (65 ft 0 in)[1]
DNA prime:Ankylosaurus
DNA code:D-28-477

Regulus is one of the creatures seen in Dino Crisis 3. It serves as a boss enemy.

Physical Description Edit

Regulus is one of many dinosaurs genetically engineered by M.T.H.R. as part of an earlier program instructed for her.

The Regulus was created based on the Ornithischia-Thyreophora DNA, particularly the Ankylosaurus. The skin of Regulus' back is covered with thick plates or organic armor capable of deflecting projectile attacks. In combat, it can roll up its body and rams its opponent. However, the creature's soft underbelly and slow speed make it vulnerable to well placed attacks.

History Edit

Only one Regulus is seen in the entire game. It first appeared in the DNA lab, where the Captain sacrificed himself by placing a bomb in Regulus' mouth. During the explosion the Regulus managed to curl up into a ball and spin its way through the wall. It later appeared in the main lobby for another battle. This time, the S.O.A.R. managed to destroy it for good.

Gameplay Edit

Carefully setting up your strategy here is important, as the creature will always be ready to dodge and block all of your attacks on it. At times, the Regulus will show its vulnerable underbelly, so use this moment to inflict heavy damage. Make sure to keep your distance from Regulus' tail, as it can deal huge damage if it hits you.

Gallery Edit

69549 full

Regulus, as seen on Dino Crisis 3


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