Pteranodon is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


The Pteranodon file can be found under the wrecked truck at the 3rd Energy Facility/Storage Space.


Winged and Toothless

3.0 meters

6.0 meters

Observation Records
They mostly feed on fish.
These flying reptiles are
typically found near
They hover and glide over
the water searching for fish
then with tremendous speed
they dive to snatch their

Although their diet consist
mainly of fish, they also
feed on small animals and
even on mammals like us
Lately, the Pteranodons have
started to attack on humans
near the facility trying to
fight for their territory.

Combat Notes
When they are circling
above you, it is very hard
to shoot them.
Although they seem to be
flying slowly, but in fact are
flying fairly fast.
Before they attack their prey,
they'll come and surround

That's when you should
shoot them down.

One thing you have to
remember is that their skin
of armor is thicker than it
appears and if you are too
busy trying to shoot one
down, the others will attack
you off guard. To lessen the
chance of this happening
it is important to choose
an appropriate weapon.


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