The Precision Lab is one of the area of Research Facility.


A destroyed room lined with tanks full of precision liquid. A body of a young man can be observed inside one of the liquid preservation.


This is where Dylan can collect the Starter Battery for the Patrol Ship. After obtaining the Starter Battery, Dylan must return to the Dockpit Cabin using the Jungle/Passage to North Route, since he cannot shorten the electronic locks at the Dock/Suspension Bridge.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Preservation Liquid CHECK In the preservation liquid, there seem to be a body of a young man.
The opposite side of the Preservation Liquid CHECK On the other side of the broken glass is a small laboratory. The vegetation has filled up the room and it's impossible to go inside.
Broken capsule on the left side CHECK The capsule has been broken and there are stains of the preservation liquid on the floor. The capsule was probably cracked by the ivy wrapping tightly around it.
Control device ahead CHECK It's a device which controls the power for the intruments. Some instruments have been taken apart and a few parts have been removed.
Working desk CHECK It's a work desk for the researchers. Small tools are still left on the desk.




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