Power Station Maintenance Memo is a file in Dino Crisis 3.


The memo becomes available for download after the player, as Patrick, escapes from Airlock 1.


Date: September 6, 2248
Radiation emanating from the α System has been causing irregular surges in the ship's energy distribution.

To assess if there's been any serious damage, Engineering will be inspecting the ship's Power Station equipment.

The inspection will require temporary disconnection of the main conduit in the Deck Sector's Power Station.

This procedure is expected to drastically reduce the sector's power supply capacity, affecting the following:

1) Together with the shutdown of local gravity control, the Power Station's conduit control terminal will be rendered inoperable while the Deck Sector is engaged.

2) The formation-change terminal in the Substation/Portside will be inoperable while the conduit is disconnected.

3) During the inspection, access will be restricted at the following points:

- Front Deck/Portside
- Hangar Deck accessway/Portside
- Hazardous Waste Storage/Entrance

Access to these points will require a password
issued at the formation-change terminal in the
Substation area.

The inspection is scheduled for a September 12 completion date.

For further details and dates regarding the Deck Sector disengagement, see MTHR's formation-change registration log.

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