Power Station is an area of the Ozymandias' Deck Sector.



When first visited, artificial gravity will not function, forcing the player into a Zero-G environment. There are crates on one side of the room which can be used for climbing up to the power conduit; when gravity is restored the player will need to climb them in order to drop into the terminal chamber. Activating power with the terminal, the Australis will be released from behind the shutter, leading to a boss fight.


Location Localization Original Script
Large shutter "Growls can be heard from beyond the shutter."
Terminal "Terminal for activating the overhead power conduit to adjust energy distribution. This terminal will not function in the current formation-change structure."


Further notes Edit

  • There is an interesting design error for this room. As is customary on this ship, a sign is painted against the door to the Power Station/Portside. The sign instead reads "POWER STATION FRONT PASSAGE LARBOARD Room no.117". Power Station Accessway/Starboard is referred to as "POWER STATION FRONT PASSAGE STARBOARD Room no.111".

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