The Power Source Room is an area of the Research Facility.


The power room now has several large dinosaur nests with ivy growing on its walls. There's a two via shaft on the wall that facing the Research Facility/Passage and the Research Lounge.


Dylan chased down the Compsognathus to get back the Research Facility Keycard. The shaft on the wall leading to the Research Facility/Passage must be closed to avoid the dinosaur from escaping into the wrong room. If the Compsognathus is hiding somewhere inside the ivy, use the Machete to lure it out again. It must be chased into the Research Lounge where it can be trapped inside one of the cages. If the compsognathus was captured immediately inside the Lounge room, then the Oviraptor will be present in this room.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Machine CHECK The machine appears to be in repair. With many tools still scattered, it looks like the repair wasn't completed.
Dinosaur nest CHECK A dinosaur has built a nest here. Better not to disturb it.
Ventilation hole CHECK It's a terminal to open and closed the ventilation hole. Will you operate it? Yes/No