Password Locks (パスワードロック Pasuwādo Rokku?) is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 3. Passwords can be "1540"; "6085" or "9575". For the sake of consistency, they are represented as "0000" in the transcript.



In order to ensure the safety of all crew members during the current Deck Sector inspection and servicing period, admittance to the Front Deck/Portside, traffic along the Hangar Deck Accessway/Portside, and traffic along the Hazardous Waste Storage/Entrance will be restricted by password-lock.

Personal passwords will be issued to each crew member. These passwords are not interchangeable. Once used, the central system will commit both password and individual to memory, no longer requiring additional password input to access the aforementioned facilities.

Your Password: 0000



あなたのパスワード: 0000

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