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Passageway to Military Facility ②
Passageway to Military Facility 2 - ST108 00001
Japanese:Military base walkway ② (軍事基地連絡通路② Gunji kichi renraku tsūro②?)

Links:Passageway to Military Facility ①
Military Facility/Front

Passageway to Military Facility ② is an area of the Jungle, located west of the Water Tower.


The path toward the Military Facility, surrounded by tall grass. In front of the Military Facility entrance is a camp, presumably use by the guards, which has been ripped apart by Velociraptors.


A herd of Triceratops can be seen in the background, though they pose no threat. The area will additionally be clear of Velociraptors. However, upon Regina's later arrival in the area, the Triceratops will be gone and she will be attacked by Velociraptors that will charge from the side, front and the back.


Location Action Localization Original Script
Tent on the left side CHECK Trashed materials can be observed from the tear of the tent. Maybe this place was used for field operation exercises.
Stack of woods on the right CHECK A pile of wood is stacked. The wood is not from anything which grows in this jungle.


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