Parts Storage is an area of the Facility B2 that is featured on Dino Crisis.


This area contains a Lv. A room surrounded by corridors that lead to different areas. It room mainly storages Initializer and Stabilizer parts. When first entered from Security Pass Room, a descontanmination ray in the corridor will purge all germs and dirts from Regina. There is also a DDK lock leading to the Passageway, coded "D". At the opposite ending of the corridor, the door to Experiment Room Hall can be found and unlocked.



The code is "D O C T O R K I R K"

The door to the generator area has a DDK lock, coded "D". Both the Code and [[DDK Input Disc D]|Input]] discs are needed in order to unlock it. The code is "DOCTORKIRK". This room also housed the parts for the Stabilizer and Initializer. In order to retrieve all of the six required parts, Regina needed to use the correct chip on one of still operational safes and use a console to open the second one. The console could only be operated by using a planning disc. A code was needed to be input before she could grab the safe's contents. The correct code sequence could be obtained by listening to the recording hidden behind the nearby shelf. Near the last locked safe exterior side there is a case containing GG Parts, an upgrade item to Grenade Gun which makes it shoot 3 times before the need to reload.


Location Localization Original script
Storage room door A Key Card Lv. A is required to open the door.
DDK door It has been locked with Digital Disc Key(DDK). You must check th device next to the door, and set the DDK device.
DDK device A DDK device. The symbol "D" is inscribed. Will you set the DDK? Yes / No

(Yes) To release the lock, it is necessary to set both the "Code" and "Input" DDK devices.

Door to the experiment area The door has been unlocked.