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The Ozymandias was a colony ship, or "interstellar emigrant ship",[1][excerpt 1] transferring colonists to the planet α2.


The ship was completed and began taking on crew in August 2245 at the latest, welcoming aboard Bridget Woodend and Cynthia Stanford.[2] On July 1, 2246 there was an explosion in the Shaft Sector, caused by an improper distribution of energy.[3] Based on the Captain's Log, the Ozymandias was finally launched in February 2248, setting course for α2.

According to a memo dated, September 6, 2048, it was discovered that cosmic radiation relating to the α System were causing irregularities in the ship's energy distribution. Engineering crews were ordered to repair the main conduit in the Deck Sector's Power Station.[4]

On the Afternoon of September 11, 2048, the Medical Block treated some forty patients suffering from radiation sickness. The doctor discovered they were all assigned to portside stations. The following day, the block received patients suffering a further progression of radiation sickness. The doctor reported this to Captain Evans, who was well aware of the issue.[5] By this point the radiation exposure was causing problems for workers; Roh Westin lost his security pass while working in the Hangar Deck, but was too sick to get it back.[6][7]

Captain Evans eventually explained the situation on September 13: the Science Division is working to minimize the effects of a previously-undetectable form of cosmic radiation. On September 14, the doctor discovered that the Medical Block, which was designed be better protected from radiation, was also penetrated, leading to medical staff deaths. On the same day, the Captain finally made the situation public.[5]

On September 15, the Medical Block ceased to become operational due to the shortage of staff. All space funerals were ordered by the Captain to be performed by H-IIIA series Androids - namely "Caren" - who were not effected by the radiation.[5]


The ship was divided in to seven purpose-built sectors.


Further notes Edit

While the English text in the opening scene give it the Hull Classification Symbol of "U.N.", the Japanese text only refers to the Ozymandias' function.


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