Old Document (tentative) is a file in Dino Crisis.



"Third Energy as the Final Weapon"

by Edward Kirk

If the Third Energy reaction exceeds the critical point, it evokes the "overload" phenomenon.

When this happens, we can't control it. The huge amount of energy creates chain reactions and begins to disintegrate the surrounding air. The ensuing explosion will vaporize anything in the near vicinity.

If we could control the area where the "overload" occurs, the Third Energy will literally become the "Ultimate Weapon."

The power of the weapon depends on how much energy we can restrain before the explosion occurs. In other words, the capability of the Stabilizer is the key to everything.

The Third Energy was supposed to be the project of the development policy:

"Create the basic power source for the Permanently Stationed Weapon."

If we change the policy of the project here and now, this government will be able to obtain the most deadly destructive device in the world.

However, our current budget is completely out of the question. You'll find my estimate of the budget in the next chapter. Please review and consider.

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.

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