Office is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a typical office scattered with papers everywhere, that contains various memos, posts, laser-driven shredder, and a telephone. Few boxes are placed on top of the lockers. Each lockers have different personal effects on it, which reflects the facility personnel. A row of documents are placed on the shelf. There is also a desktop which can rewrite the data of an ID card.


Player will face Velociraptor inside the office. They can unlocked the lock to the office hallway from here. Two files can be read from here:

  • Notices to the Staff - The file can be found on the table.
  • Memo on the Whiteboard - It can be read by checking the whiteboard near the row of documents.

The desktop can be used to rewrite the data of an ID Card, though it will require the personnel fingerprints and registration number. Player can use the F. C. Device to collect the following fingerprints:


Location Localization Original Script
Post on the wall The area will be disinfected this weekend. All belongings should be kept in the lockers.
The lockers Personal effects of the facility personnel.
The door to the office hallway The door has been unlocked.
Machine near the locker A laser-driven shredder.
The desktop A device that can rewrite the data of an ID Card. The staff assigned to the 1st floor, 2nd floor, and B1 floor have their ID data registered in this terminal. To rewrite the data, you need an ID Card.
Row of documents Various office documents.
Memorandum on the whiteboard There is a memo on the whiteboard. Will you read the memo? Yes / No
File on the table A file containing notices written to the staff. Will you read the file? Yes / No
The telephone

This telephone extension covers the whole facility. Do you want to page the researcher, Paul? Yes / No

(Yes) No one is answering...

If you set the line to "Hold", the phone will continue.

Will you replace the receiver after setting the line to "Hold"? Yes / No 

Using the ID Card on the device

Entering Paul Baker fingerprint

"Initiating card data rewriting sequence."

"Enter the personnel registration number."

(58104) "The registration number has been verified." "Please enter the fingerprint data." Will you enter the fingerprint data? Yes / No

"Accessing the requested data..."

"Section: Stabilizer Experiment Room." "ID: Researcher, Paul Baker"

Will you rewrite the card data? Yes / No

(Yes) "The card data has been rewritten."

Using the ID Card on the device

Entering Mark Doyle fingerprint