Noah's Ark Plan (ノアの方舟計画 Noa no hakobune keikaku?) is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.


It is found inside the Habitat Support Facility.


Year 2009
It all began in Bolzinia, a small republic in the southern sea. The first "Overdrive" was the beginning of everything. During transportation something went wrong and it resulted in a crack in space-time which skewed history after the Cretaceous Era. To investigate the skewed biological history after the Cretaceous, an extensive experiment was conducted at a global scale. The result .... devastating.

The space-time skew will take its effect on all living organisms. The earth's history would change dramatically and this change would wipe out the human race from ever existing. That was the conclusion of the experiment. The plan was to transport the living organisms of the Cretaceous through the Timegate to a world with similar environments, far into the future. After the crisis had passed, the organisms would then be returned to their original time.

We called this the Noah's ark plan. This was the only plan that would leave any chance for the existence of the human race. We hope that this plan is successful and we shall declare execution of this plan.
   WAPP Central Council

南海の小国ボルジニアに起こった最初の”暴走”こそが、 すべての始まりだった。

転移の際に発生した時空の亀裂が、 白亜紀以降の全歴史の流れに、 微妙なゆがみを与えたのだ。

その影響を確かめるため、 全地球規模による、 ゆがんだ白亜紀以降の生物史をシミュレートする実験が行われた。

その結論は、 絶望的なものだった。

”ゆがみ”は、 恐竜を始めとするすべての生態系にダメージを与え、 地球史に多大な影響を及ぼす。

そして、ゆがんだ歴史の先には、 人類の誕生はあり得ない……。


白亜紀の生物たちを、 〈〈ゲート〉〉を通して、 似た環境の遠い未来へ運ぶ。
そして危機を回避した後、 再び彼らを白亜紀の世界へ戻す。

今回のこの計画を、 我々は〈〈ノアの方舟計画〉〉と呼称する。

この計画が、 我々人類に残された最後の ”誕生” への希望である。

成功を祈り、 この計画の発動を宣言する。


The entire inception was the first "criticality" which occurred in the small nation of Borginia in the South Seas.
A space-time rift that occurred at the time of displacement subtly distorted the flow of all history after the Cretaceous.

To examine its influence, we conducted an experiment simulating the history of creatures after the Cretaceous on a mass global scale.
Its conclusion was one of doom.

The "distortion" had a severe influence on Earth's history and damaged all ecosystems, including the dinosaurs.
Then, further along in the distorted history, the birth of humanity was impossible...
That was the conclusion.

We will carriy creatures in the Cretaceous period far into the future with a similar environment through the "gate."
Then once we evade the crisis, we'll return them to the world of the Cretaceous again.
Currently we refer to this plan as the "Noah's Ark Plan."

For us humans, this plan will be the last hope for our "birth."
We declare the invoking of this plan and pray for its success.
WAPP Central Committee



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