Mosasaurus is a Dino File that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.



River of Mosa Lizard


6.0 meters


0.8 meters

Observation Record
Their main diet seems to be the ammonites which live in the bottom of the waters. During breeding season many Mosasaurus gather near the facility in search of food.

The jaws which are strong enough to crush even the hardest shells are without a doubt, a threat to us humans. Even the hardest diver suit will not stand up to a mosasaurus' bite.

Despite their large size, they are able to swim quickly. Their mobility is extraordinary.

Combat Notes
The first thing to do is stopping them. Shooting NEEDLES is one way. But the most effective way is to blast them with the SHOCKWAVE and knock them out.

SHOCKWAVING them is especially useful when there are multiple enemies.

They like to hide in small places. So you should be cautious near the walls where there are holes and openings.


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