The Military Facility/Entrance, known as Base - Entrance (基地・エントランス Kichi entoransu?) in the Japanese version, is the main lobby of the Military Facility.


On the west side of the room there is a door blocked by the destroyed roof.


The door infront leads to the Military Facility/Corridor. When Dylan enter here for the first time, there will be enemies. However, when he return, Velociraptor will occupied this area. There is a Dino File (T-Rex) on a table on the east side. 


Location Localization Original Script
Flag on the right-hand side The 3rd Energy development project symbol is on the flag.
Desk There is something on the desk covered with dust. You have found a new DINO FILE.
Project plan at the centre

The 3rd Energy development project symbol and the facility name is carved into it.

"3rd Energy Research & Development City, Edward City, Military Facility"

Reception Desk It's a reception desk. It appears as though nobody has sat here for a very long time.
Roof debris The roof is destroyed and the steel frame is bent. The door is blocked. You can't go this way.