The Military Facility/Corridor, known as Base - Walkway (基地・連絡通路 Kichi renraku tsūro?) in the Japanese version, is the corridor which leads to the Medical Room, the Control Room and back to the front lobby.


The corridor leads to the Medical Room, Control Room and the Military Facility/Entrance.


When Dylan enter this area for the first time, no enemy are present. Though, after exiting the Medical Room with the Key Plate, Velociraptor will be present here. When Regina ventured the Military facility, she will also encounter Velociraptor. There's a Med Pak M located not far from the Control Room entrance at the shelf.


Location Localization Original Script
Message wall on the right-hand side. A message is posted attentioned to the staff. "Medicine and other related supplies have run out. Please cooperate in the sample collections of wild drug plants." Medical Room
Door to the Control Room It's electronically locked. You may be able to short it with Regina's stungun.
Shelf nearby the control room Many small supplies are placed in a disorderly manner.



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