Dr. Miguel Angel Velasquez de Silva was a mechanical engineer assigned to the Ozymandias.


In the mid-23rd century, Dr. Velasquez was the leading authority on synthetic skin technology and amphibious robotics, and was also recognised for his significant contributions towards the development of neuro-AI technology. Velasquez and his daughter, Caren joined the Ozymandias on its colonisation mission to α2, assuming the duties of the environmental control system's chief engineer.[1]

Along with these duties, Velasquez began the development of the H-III A android model to assume Human Resources roles and as an assistant in research experiments to assist in the colonisation process. He later began experimenting with the android models' AI system in the hopes of creating emotions; his daughter, Caren was assigned to the AI development department in February 2248 to serve as a 'template' for the androids to mimic.[2][3]

In September 2248, the entire crew of the Ozymandias contracted radiation poisoning and began to die. Velasquez' H-III A models were given instructions by Captain Evans to take over space funeral duties due to a man-shortage.[4]



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