Memo to the Doctor on duty (tentative) is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis


Memo to the Doctor on duty (1)

The file location.

The file can be found on the table inside the medical room, of the facility B1.


Dr. Sherwood,
The ID Card on the desk belongs to one of my patients. Please hand it to Colonel Clay when he shows up. He told me that he was going to hold a meeting in the Strategy Room on the 1st floor to make preparations for tonight's experiment.

Please make sure to hand the card to him since one is required to enter the Strategy Room.

Dr. シャーウッドへ

机の上のIDカードは、 患者の忘れ物だ。クレイ大佐が来たら渡しておいてほしい。
今日の実験に備えて、 1階の作戦会議室でミーティングを行うとが言っていた。

作戦室に入るには、 このカードが必要なので、 必ず渡しておいてもらいたい。


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