Memo from an Antenna Operating Engineer (tentative) is a file in Dino Crisis.


Comm Antenna Room (3)

The file location.

The memo can be found inside the Comm Antenna Room of the Facility 2F.


As a result of tonight's experiment, a strong magnetic storm may occur. Consequently, the Communication Department will close at 6 PM. At that time, the antenna will be temporarily stored. To prepare for the emergency, be sure to check the weapons storage locker in the lounge.

You can unlock it with the combination, "8159". Recently, inexperienced guards have been assigned here, and a common problem is that they do not know how to use the DDK. Here are some points that may not be clear in the manual.

Make sure that your staff becomes familiar with this important information. After you set the DDK to the door's locking device, you'll be asked to enter the password code. You will then need to derive the code by using the basic elimination rule.

Eliminate the key letters to reveal the correct code. Be sure to try this out by setting an actual DDK to the door locking device.

For example,


In the above case, the correct password would be "OPEN".

The original Japanese transcript for this file is not yet present. Please add it.


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