The Medical Room Hallway is an area of the Facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


It is a hallway of the facility B1 connecting the control room hallway, the medical room and the hall. There are small ventilation shaft which store the wiring, some had been either torn or remove. A body of a dead velociraptor can be seen lying on the corner of the wall.


Compy eat raptor

A group of Compsognathus eating a Velociraptor's corpse.

Pack of Compsognathus were shown eating a velociraptor corpse, upon entering this hallway for the first time.


Location Localization Original Script
Sign near the Medical Room Medical Room
The velociraptor corpse Blood is seeping out from hundreds of small cuts.
Small ventilation shaft The wire netting over the ventilation has been torn and removed.


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