The Medical Room is an area of the Facility B1 that is featured in Dino Crisis.


This room houses plenty of medical supplies and a single bed for patients. Various schemes regarding about teeth, palates, human nerves and internal organs are posted on the wall.


A small cutscene was shown inside the hallway for carrying in materials, where Rick helped to carry Tom to the medical room where later the two were attacked by a Raptor. When the player enters this room for the first time, Regina will find out that Tom had died from the raptor attack. After a brief conversation, Rick will return to the Control Room 1F.

Assuming Regina's role, player can read the memo located on the table. Other items that can be obtained are a plug, two Med Pak M and the ID Card. Two emergency cases can be located at the cabin, on the same room as the patient's bed. It will require a Small Size Key to open. The left one contains a Resuscitation and a Med Pak M, while the right one contains a Multiplier and another Med Pak M. Only one case can be opened with the key, so choose carefully before opening them.

Before leaving, player can decide whether to save their progress up to this point.


Location Localization Original Script
Scheme near the door entry It looks very old. It shows the parts of the brain stem and nerves.
Computer terminal It's a computer terminal that can access the researcher's database. Nothing looks useful.
The memo It's a memo that seems to have been addressed to the doctor on duty. Will you read the memo? Yes / No
Med Pak M Will you take the Med Pak M? Yes / No


Will you take the Med Pak M? Yes / No

Scheme (First, on the other side) A scheme of the palate and teeth.
Scheme (Second and third, on the other side) A scheme of human nerves.
Scheme (Fourth, on the other side) A scheme of internal organs.
Checking Tom body It is Tom's corpse. He has been savagely slashed.
Patient's bed A patient's bed. There is no sign that it has been used.
Emergency case You need a Small Size Key to open this emergency case.

(Using the small size key) Which emergency case will you open? Left / Right / Cancel

(Left) You have unlocked the emergency case.

Will you take the Resuscitation? Yes / No


Will you take the Med Pak M? Yes / No

(Right) You have unlocked the emergency case.

Will you take the Multiplier? Yes / No


Will you take the Med Pak M? Yes / No

The locker Nothing looks useful.
Before leaving this room Will you save your progress up to this point? Yes / No


Further NotesEdit

  • Tom's Uzi near his body can't be picked up after his death.

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