Med Paks (or Medical Packs) heal you if you are wounded. Several types are available, each with differing effects. Dino Crisis features the 'mix' mechanic, allowing players to combine two medical items into a more potent one. Said feature is akin to resident evil's herb combining mechanic.

Med PaksEdit

Hemostat - BlueEdit

  • Hemostats stop bleeding, but they do not heal any health. Its mixing properties diminish quickly depending on the medical kit used, with a Med Pak S gaining a sizeable chunk of potency, and a Med Pak L gaining minimum mixture potency.
  • Appears as a white bag with blue trim in Dino Crisis and as a plastic medical pack in Dino Crisis 2.

Med Pak S - GreenEdit

  • Heals at small amount, but does not stop bleeding. Essentially the 'green herb' of the game.
  • Appears as a white bag with green trim in Dino Crisis and as a long, thin metal case in Dino Crisis 2.

Med Pak M - YellowEdit

Med Pak L - RedEdit

  • Heals all of your health and stops bleeding.
  • Appears in both games as a white bag with a red trim.

Resuscitation PakEdit

  • Brings the player back to life and puts them outside the door to the room they died in, essentially acting as another 'life'. Only available in Normal and Hard modes.
  • Appears in both games as a rounded rectangular case with red corners.


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