Managers Diary, Mechanics is a file that can be found in Dino Crisis 2.



June 2nd, 10:30 PM
Tomorrow afternoon two mechanics are coming to this facility from Edward City. It is time for the annual maintenance check of the 3rd Energy reactor. This will be the 9th time. The instant something happens to the underwater reactor, that is when all life-lines will be cut off to us. Again, all we can do is to pray that nothing will happen. As weird as it may sound, sometimes I feel that it'll do us all a favor if that reactor just blew up on us.

June 3rd, 4:00 PM
The mechanics who went to the underwater 3rd energy reactor still have not returned. They probably became their lunch. This is a problem. One of the mechanics, Bob, has the key to the entrance of Edward City. To go from this facility to the city, it is critical that we get back the key. I guess there is no real choice but to get in the diving suit and go down myself. I just hope I don't become their dinner.

6月2日午後 10時30分
明日の午後、 エドワード・シティから整備士が2名、 この施設にやって来る。
 毎年恒例、 サードエネルギー炉の第9回定期点検ってやつだ。
湖底のあの炉が沈黙した瞬間に、 俺たちの生命線も絶たれちまう。
だから、 今回も異常がないことを祈るばかりだ。
だが反面、 いっそあの炉が壊れちまった方が、 俺たちのためになるような気がしてしまう……。

6月3日午後 4時

エドワード・シティへの入り口のカギは、 整備士のボブのヤツが身につけているのだ。

この施設からシティへ行くには、 あのカギが必要だ。
しょうがない、 これから俺も、 ダイビングスーツに潜着えることにしょう。



In the original script, the manager describes the mechanics as having dived to the bottom of the lake, as opposed to simply going to the reactor.


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