The Management Office is an area of the Facility 1F that is featured in Dino Crisis. It is the first save room encountered in the game.


It is an office where there are desktop on a desk, files and duty rosters. A cardboard box is placed on a long desk. File papers are scattered around the floor. There is blood of a dead corpse on the floor. The corpse is found on the next room, in which the torso had been gouged. Most of the guardsmen personal property are inside the lockers. A safe can be found on the next office.


A Pump-action Shotgun is located here along with the DDK Input Disc H and a plug in one of the cardboard boxes. A body is located in the small annex room, who was carrying the Panel Key 2 when he died. Pressing a switch in this room activates a computer and an electronic safe. The code needed to open the safe is 0426. Inside the safe is the Main Entrance Key and a Resuscitation Pack.


Location Localization Original Script
The desktop

On the screen is an e-mail titled:

"New Employee Education"

Will you read the e-mail? Yes / No

Cardboard box Something seems to be inside the cardboard box.
Cardboard box (after you pick up the Plug) Nothing Useful.
Duty rosters The guard rotation schedule is posted here.
Files Files are scattered.
The lockers Personal property of the guardsmen. Nothing useful.
Dead coprse He has been gouged in the torso.
The safe (off) It is locked. There is a panel on the door to release the lock, but it isn't working now. 
The safe (on) There is a panel here that accepts a numeric code. Will you enter a number?
Entered a wrong number Nothing happened.
A switch A switch. Will you press it? Yes / No
About to leave this room Will you save your progress up to this points? Yes / No
Documents Documents on security are on the shelf.
Computer off The computer has not been turned on.
UNUSED (Probably meant to be triggered after you pick up the Panel Key 2) I don't need to check here anymore.