The lounge was a recreational area in the Ibis Island Third Energy research facility located in the Facility 2F area that is featured in Dino Crisis.


Equipped for relaxation with comfortable seating, dim lighting and a bar, this room was used for the enjoyment and recreational of the facility's staff. A safe was built into the corner wall.


During a 2009 mission to find the facility's lead researcher, Edward Kirk, S.O.R.T agent Regina entered this room. While there was no sign of Kirk, she found a Handgun upgrade to use on her Glock 34 handgun in the room's safe.


Two velociraptor are face inside the lounge, one will came through the door. Player can find the two health items, Hemostat and Resuscitation. There is a safe at the back of the room. By referring to the memo that was found inside the Comm Antenna Room, the combination to open it is 8159[1]. Once the safe is open, player can retrieve the Handgun Slide which can be combined with Glock 34 to upgrade it to Glock 35.


Location Localization Original Script
Hemostat Will you take the Hemostat? Yes / No
Resuscitation Will you take the Resuscitation? Yes / No
"Chemical Manual" file "Chemical Manual" It is the brochure of the pharmaceutical company. Will you read the file? Yes / No



  1. Memo from an Antenna Operating Engineer, Page 2, Dino Crisis file.

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